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Community Service / Parent Participation Opportunities

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Ongoing Community Service Opportunities

Sacramento Food Bank

Friends of Unwanted Rabbits www.teamfur.org

It is the philosophy of the Westside Preparatory Charter School that vital to a student’s education is an awareness of his/her larger community. In order to help facilitate this awareness, you are required to volunteer five hours per trimester of community service. While you may complete more than the required hours, those hours do NOT carry over to the next trimester. A sustained and continued involvement throughout the year is required.

Good opportunities for community service include, but are not limited to the following:  work at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen; arrange to help a former teacher; work at an event sponsored by a local park or recreation district; volunteer to work at a church; help a coach with a sports team; volunteer for Creek Week Clean-ups; help a scout leader

Some things that do not count as community service include: working in your yard or that of a relative; babysitting for a friend; making decorations for a school function

Community Service Log (blank)

Note: please write the trimemester (1st, 2nd or 3rd) on the printed log