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School Site Council

School Site Council


2017-2018 School Site Council Members:


Ellen Giffin – Principal, Frontier Campus

Luz Villasenor – Member, Eastside Campus

Darren Easter – Member, Frontier Campus

Casey Wright – Member, Westside Campus

Katreil Narine – Student Member, Eastside Campus

Marise Labib – Student Member, Frontier Campus

Paige Caton – Student Member, Westside Campus

Mario Ramirez, Dean Prior, Laurie Walker, Becky Bradford

 – Teacher Members

Mwongeli Becky Mutua – Staff Member



Alternate members, to serve if a member cannot fulfill their obligation:

Kathryn Yue, Teacher-Eastside, Leticia Flores, Parent-Eastside,                   Bill Kizer, Parent-Frontier, Alfredo Rodriguez, Parent-Westside


The Westside Preparatory Charter School is governed by a School Site Council consisting of the principal/administrator, lead teachers from each campus, one staff member, three (voting) parents, and one student from each campus. 


The duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Developing annual goals for the school with input from the TRUSD Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee;
  2. Receiving reports from and providing recommendations to the Executive Committee;
  3. Assessing goals, objectives, achievements, financial status and any need for redirection;
  4. Approving the yearly budget operated by the School Site Council and any fiscal expenditures greater than $750 which are not included in the budget;
  5. Advising on the annual assessment of the educational program of the Frontier Campus
  6. Reviewing and approving changes in the bylaws annually or as needed;
  7. Recommending amendments to the Charter as needed.


The Bylaws call for our School Site Council to meet a minimum of six times per year.  Meeting notices are posted on the bulletin board outside the Charter Office and on the calendar on the school website.   

All School Site Council meetings are open to the public.